JEEP SAFARI - Silves to hills and return - 2,5 hours - Max 6 guests

JEEP SAFARI - 2.5 hours - Max 6 guests

Jeep Safari in the Hills


We leave Silves and go straight into the hills. We use a classic Portuguese jeep to explore little paths and take our time to enjoy the views. Often the way will be steep so the ride will be exciting as well as beautiful. You will experience a variety of scenery. There will be hills and valleys, arid and green landscapes, open views as well as dense vegetation.

The first part of our journey has many ups and downs, the return is gentler with panoramic views of the Monchique hills and coastline. Along the way we can stop at a few secret spots to stretch our legs and enjoy the surroundings. If you are lucky you may see some local wildlife. I have already seen deer, boar, foxes and other animals…

In the hotter months we often ride in the morning or evening. At these times the light is beautiful and the air is cool. We normally ride open but if it is too hot I can mount a sun shade.


Guest Requirements


Up to 7 guests can attend (although the seating is more comfortable for 5).

Minors need to be accompanied by their legal guardian.


What to Bring


Comfortable clothes and walking shoes, sun protection.
Temperatures can cool rapidly in the hills in the evening (even sometimes in the summer) so bring an extra layer for warmth and wind protection



Where we Meet


We meet outside the entrance of the Restaurant Ponte Romana (see map on Home Page)

Private Tours – book directly with me

You can book the whole jeep for your group. The total price depends on the number of participants.
Please contact me directly, by phone (+351 928 080 653) or email ( to arrange a tour.


Total Group Price  
1  Guest 110 €
2  Guests 120 €
3  Guests 130 €
4  Guests 140 €
5  Guests 150 €
6  Guests 160 €



Online Reservation – book with Airbnb Experiences 


I recommend booking directly with me but if you want it is also possible to book online with the Airbnb Experience platform. Most of the year I do only private tours as described above with group prices.  In the busiest months of the year there are sometimes also tours for individual guests who want to join a larger group (and pay individual ticket prices).