JEEP SAFARI & RIVER CRUISE - 3.5 or 4.5 hours ( + Lunch) - Max 6 guests

JEEP & BOAT - 3.5 or 4.5 hours - Max 6 guests

Jeep Safari and River Cruise (with optional Algarvian lunch)


Combine all elements of the Jeep Safari and River Cruise in one day and have a full nature experience !

We start with the hills and a taste of adventure. Afterwards time to relax and enjoy a tranquil river cruise. In between the two activities (as an option) we can take a break, next to the river, to relax and enjoy a delicious Algarvian lunch.

Normally we do the Jeep Safari first but sometimes we may start with the River Cruise because of the timing of the tides on the river.

We offer this tour with 2 options. The longer option is 4.5 hours. The shorter variant is 3.5 hours and follows a slightly different route. (In the shorter version we do not navigate the last few kilometres of shallow river up to Silves).

Guest requirements


Up to 6 guests can attend. Minors need to be accompanied by their legal guardian.


What to Bring 


Comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Sun protection and windbreaker, as there can be a cool breeze blowing over the water (even in the summer).

Where we Meet


We meet outside the entrance of the Restaurant Ponte Romana (see map on Home Page)

Private Tours – book directly with me


You can book the whole jeep and boat for 170€ or 250€ (depending which tour you choose). This is a group price (1 to 6 guests) and does not depend on how many people are in your group.

If you do the longer tour you may choose to have lunch between the two two activities. (The lunch is not included in the price so you pay for your own meal.)

Please contact me directly, by phone (+351 928 080 653) or email ( to arrange a tour.


Jeep Safari & River Cruise – short version  3.5 hours 170 €
Jeep Safari & River Cruise – long version  4.5 hours 250 €
1 to 6 guests Lunch optional (not included in the price)



Online Bookings


You can also book on the Airbnb Experience platform with the link below. There are two types of tour with different pricing options. Some tours are for private groups as described above (with group prices) – in the busier months of the year there are also tours with individual prices for guests who want to join a larger group.

The online option is only for the shorter 3.5 hour tour and does not include lunch.  If you are interested in the longer variant or would like to have lunch than contact me directly to arrange a private tour.